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Nov 29, 2021 latest Novel

Latest Novel lost wealth by mashooq ahmed says fiction is a lie, but writers and writers through their creations have created a world on which the reality is supposed to be. The writers kitab ghar have created wonderful stories with their strong imagination which by reading helps in understanding the events related to human psychology, philosophy and life. Fiction is a well known genre in Urdu. He also portrayed the mental, emotional, psychological, and social life of the human being. While there are big names in fiction who are creating great stories, in Jammu and Kashmir there are also old fiction writers as well as many young fiction writers who have created great stories. One of these young fiction writers is Bay. The most important name is Tariq Shabnam.

Tariq Shabnam has been writing fiction continuously for two decades. His first collection of fiction titled “Lost Wealth” came to light in 2020. This collection has been carefully published by GNK Publications. Attribution of the book to Tariq Shabnam Has named his loving grandfather Jan Mohammad Ghulam Rather and his dear grandmother Mohtab Begum who takes care of him at every moment and has written: Taught to do and trust and rely on Allah. ”The collection contains 27 (27) fictions. A Promising Fiction Writer ”in which Dr. Ashraf Ashari talks about Tariq Shabnam’s fiction writing. In “Apni Baat” the author has mentioned the names of many famous personalities including Noor Shah Sahib, Javed Azar Sahib, Saleem Salik Sahib, Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Sahib and Dr. Riaz Tawhidi Sahib. They are kind. In addition, the author has admitted in his speech that

“I don’t know if I’m familiar with the art of writing or not, my pen drips with ink that bleeds. Will prove. ” This humility is characteristic of few writers. The back of the book has been written by Dr. Riaz Tawhidi, a well known critic of Philip Valley. Is.

The story kitab ghar is lost in modern myths, but by studying the myths involved in the lost wealth, the reader finds the wealth of the story and gets lost in the world which Tariq Shabnam has created with words. The situation is going through but there is no denying the fact that this valley is famous all over the world for its beautiful and charming scenery. Its mountains, plains, rivers, waterfalls, places are delightful. Literary Valley of Kashmir Tariq Shabnam has also mentioned the beautiful scenery of the valley in his fictions.

“Wow, what a beautiful, captivating time. This garden, this flower garden, how beautiful it is. Waterfalls, these skyscrapers, charming hills. It’s really a ring of paradise. ”

kitab ghar  says Any fiction writer first reflects on his surroundings. Consciously his stories mention the surrounding conditions and events. Tariq Shabnam also talks about his society, conditions and events and his people in fictions. ۔ What he sees with his eyes and what he hears with his ears he refers to in the pages of the paper. They were busy with their daily chores. Adil Mirza’s voice was coming from outside, dogs were barking, loud roar of chickens was echoing, animals tied in the village house were also making noise. Adil Mirza wanted to go out and see but his wife forbade him and reminded him that Rajab had gone out for Uncle Hajat Bashari but no trace of him has been found till today. Wild beasts tore apart dozens of cattle and disappeared hundreds of chickens. Is See an excerpt from the novel kitab gharAs soon as the morning light appeared, when the birds began to chirp in sweet voices and the melodious songs of coils and bubbles began to scatter around, Adil Mirza opened the door of Himmat Jata and stepped towards the village. Seeing the horrible condition, his head began to feel dizzy and his eyes became dark. The village house was bathed in blood.

by kitab ghar  man is seemingly happy, he has wealth, servants, car, bungalow, everything but he has no peace. He has distanced himself from religion, he has forgotten his Creator, the principles under which he Life is meant to be lived. It has forgotten these principles. This theme is described by Tariq Shabnam in the key story of the collection “Lost Wealth”. General Tom is envious of human progress and thinks that Adam is really lucky. Beautiful buildings, high flying planes, big cars. Looking at the decorated bazaar, peace and tranquility, he thinks that God has indeed blessed man with innumerable blessings. Adam’s son is upset, he is in conflict. As the day goes on, General Tom changes his appearance and takes the form of a beautiful and handsome woman and goes to the restaurant. He picks up the newspaper and reads this news. That thousands of people were killed by the use of chemical weapons. He is shocked to read this.

Mr. D’Souza wants to close the toy factory and open an arms and ammunition factory because it is very lucrative. Many countries are at war with each other. Mr. D’Souza, Aftab Khan and Sham Lal are friends. That they will start a new business. D’Souza feels as if the night is over. We should go home and sleep.

General Tom, in various guises, observes the lives of men and women, rich and poor, the ruler and the oppressed, day and night, and observes their lives. He is suffering from anxiety. Materialism is predominant and materialistic man is seemingly bright but his inner being is dark. The question in his mind was what kind of wealth is man trying to get? He guessed but was not satisfied. General Tom gets the message that he should return home soon. He asks the King of Heaven for help and sits in the courtyard of a shrine. kitab ghar says a fter reading thousands of books, he wakes up and searches the books and finds a book called “Talash”. It says that man has progressed, he has all the comforts There are things, he is living his life in his own way. He has turned away from universal principles so he has lost his peace of mind and heart. General Tom’s mission has been fulfilled.

kitab ghar  telling mankind belonging to all sects living on earth has lost the invaluable blessing of peace of mind and heart due to the foolish mistake of turning away from the natural universal principles and living according to their own selfish and obsolete principles. Although they are working hard, they are not ready to change their ways. ”

The collection features myths on a variety of topics, ranging from regional issues to global issues. It is a reflection of human suffering and also mentions the beauty of the beautiful valley, human helplessness, greed, Selfishness is also described and terror, fear, dread and chaos are also described in the guise of art. There is a variety of fiction in the collection which makes it attractive and provides a means of expansion for those who are interested in literature. Spelling errors appear in the fictions included in the collection. Strong “is written strong. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next edition

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