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Kitab Ghar

Kitab Ghar

kitab ghar first and most effective novel of kitab ghar is Mustansir Hussain Tarar’s novel ‘Khus-o-Khashak Zamana‘. It is the first formal postmodern novel, both intellectually and spiritually. In this first post-modern Urdu novel, where the notion of despair and alienation has been brought to the fore by capturing the political and social applications of ethnic, national, cultural and all major narratives, the intellectual elite of these narratives And the problems created by them have been identified keeping in view the violent mentality. Even the small local statements of caste and community that are thought to bring economic and political security to our group life, even in such statements they have some elite who have their own financial and Due to its political status, it reflects all the tendencies to distance oneself from the people of one’s own caste and community. At the same time, if the same ‘Chaudhry pin’ of caste and community does not succeed in adapting itself to the needs of the new age, then it gradually dies its own death. The Kashmiri community living far below the last line has been described as one who, despite their poverty, backwardness, helplessness and neglect at the social level, continues their hard work and dedication. As they thrive on low-level businesses, they become big business owners and businessmen in the cities. The most important thing about this novel is that the characters who are left for the future of humanity till the end of the novel have the likeness of a girl who is from the neglected and socially disrespectful community ‘Sansi’. Belongs and the other character is the reward, which has no confirmation of birth, ie racial, religious and cultural background which has no background

The novel of kitab ghar is “Water is dying” written by Amna Mufti. In this novel, the great narrative of religion, history and sociology, that is, man is the greatest of all creatures, compared to the natural flow of rivers and the earliest creatures inhabiting their banks, from water fairies to ghosts and insects to natural life. Haq has been sued for endangering settlement projects along these rivers. The ancient natural course of the rivers has been turned into an unnatural flow by human beings due to political and economic constraints, due to which non-human beings are in grave danger of extinction. They want a terrible world war to break out, man to be wiped off the face of the earth and once again nature to establish its monopoly over the artificial world of man. The characters of this novel, Irfan, Israr and Nazneen are busy trying to find the secret of this world and they themselves become a part of this world for a short time. The plot of this novel is quite complicated due to such untouched characters, the slightest carelessness can take the reader far away from the theme of the novel, this is the artistic quality of this novel.

Novel of kitab ghar is Anis Ashfaq’s novel Dakhiyare, in which the great narrative of Lucknow’s cultural and civilizational remains is told in the history of a semi-madman. Greater and magnificent Lucknow, which compared the cultural city of Delhi in northern India to the state’s Shia identity through literature, meetings, fairs, stalls, bazaars, squares, houses, palaces, coaches, mosques and imambargahs. Was and maintained its aesthetic values ​​from time immemorial. With the end of the Nawabi system, its decline begins. Poverty puts a price on everything from palaces to imams, but the poverty of the inhabitants of this city does not diminish, nor does it diminish their livelihood. The main character in the novel, through the elder brother, portrays the cultural values ​​of the past Lucknow in the wounded cultural environment of Lucknow, on the one hand, as a symbol of protection with a sad heart, on the other hand, in the continuous human populations around the city He has also lamented the shrinking of this city due to its exaggerated growth. The beauty of the art of this novel is that there are no complaints in the sprawling city

major novelof kitab ghar is Safdar Zaidi’s ‘Bhaag Bhari‘. This is, in my opinion, the second major postmodern novel after ‘Khus-o-Khashak Zamana’. The novel strikes at the traditional animosity, major cultural and religious rhetoric between Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India. What the two countries do in the cultural politics of their statements. The goal is for both countries to acquire the atomic bomb capability. Jihad against infidelity and Mukti against Pakistani Muslims, the two religiously motivated groups succeed in their endeavors and drop the atomic bombs of the two countries into the air to spread the news of each other’s destruction.

To save the cities of the two countries, a superpower uses its technology to divert the bombs of the two countries to the glaciers. The melting of the glaciers’ ice causes all the major and minor cities of the two civilizations to be inundated. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. According to the international arrangement, the great heritage of the common civilization, the Taj Mahal, is carried one by one to England. also check  The reason for transferring this symbol of love to England is also to state that civilizations with violent religious and cultural narratives are not capable of monopolizing any symbol of love. It is a simple narrative novel but its untouched and unique story gives this novel a prominent place.

Most important novel of kitab ghar is the book of death written by Khalid Javed in which after the birth of a normal human being he is subjected to social moral pressures, ridicule of his illegitimacy or questioning of his paternity, parental quarrels. And then the separation, the consequences of parental training and lack of interest in their own special nature, the serious psychological disturbances resulting from sexual deprivation, the internal fury, the spreading fistula of hatred and revenge and the difference between desire and reality. Helplessness is included. Together they arrange for him to be taken to a lunatic asylum.

The whole story is told by Professor Walter Schiller, an archeologist, who discovered it in the form of a draft from the ruins of a 200-year-old insane asylum. It aims to raise awareness of the individual and collective aspects of social life two hundred years ago. But the story goes that even after two hundred years, there are still characters who, like the characters in the novel, lose their desire for a normal life by sacrificing the well-known social narratives of their environment. Helplessness is such that the main character of the novel cannot kill his father in spite of his strong desire to kill him, similarly he cannot put it into practice despite his strong attachment to suicide. The “book of death” is a kind of self-talk in a world of semi-insanity, which becomes a precursor to sexual and other mental and psychiatric illnesses as a result of being deprived of the means to reach reality or desire. That is why he sometimes wants intimacy with a tiger and sometimes wants to pee in the mouth of a gentleman. Ever wanted to trample women around the world underfoot? Therefore, his violent mental state is not under his control. In the Urdu novel, it was not possible to present the ever-changing mental state of a lunatic and his explanations. That is what makes this novel unique

best novel  of kitab ghar is Mirza Athar Baig’s ‘Situation of Beauty’. In this novel, the plot is divided into different headings and the artificial connection between them is deliberately kept loose so that the reader does not get lost with his own artificial unit of each heading Let me enter mentally. Mr. Baig has tried to break down all the narratives that our social relations are accustomed to in our everyday language, and through new concepts to answer questions about every scene, situation, thing or discussion. Fill in the blanks. In this way, the artificial balance, which is in line with our everyday language, creates wonderful possibilities by reshaping it, which the reader is not aware of at all, so they bring the unwritten into the easy writing.

For example, in ‘The Story of Upset Fear’, the main character of the novel sees different scenes as he gets in his car. The meaning of is formed by one’s own idea or point of view, thus the character transforms the duality between reality and idea into another possible reality. Thus the situation presented under the heading ‘Salvation from the Great Savior’ has distorted the various religious, political and national narratives on how the opposing narratives take advantage of the public ignorance against each other, which is merely Interested in cutlery sweets. The novel also contains a “round table story” whose historical journey, despite being one thing, also documents the humor and mood of its owners or holders. Similarly, the situation of film and theater has been simultaneously linked to the situation inside and outside the film and theater. This is the most unique novel in terms of technique and content